bad-ebay-boatIn nice weather it is often thought what a nice idea it would be to purchase a boat on e-bay. The idea itself inc’ buying on E-Bay is not a bad one, but spending all your money on something you may not have seen and then just going to get it and then launching it in the water to see how it goes could be.

Amongst other checks these basics checks are the first stage of many to keep safe afloat.

  1. Have you enough within date serviceable life jackets for all on the boat?
  2. Have you a VHF Radio to call for help? – Your VHF is far better than mobile phones as there are no cellphone masts at sea.
  3. Have you a flares / spares kit on board & fresh drinking water?
  4. Have you plenty of fuel including reserve for your time out at sea?
  5. Have you a working pump or hand bailer in case of sudden water ingress?
  6. Have you a kill cord fitted? Does it work? Check it, attach it and use it!
  7. Always start and run your engine prior to going out. Does it Pump coolant?

These few basic checks will keep you safe, but there are more to help maintain that safety and always tell people where your are going and how long for!

Article by Littlehampton RNLI team member: Steve Howlett.