Littlehampton lad Lee has just graduated after four years at University.  He joined the lifeboat crew 3 years ago, with his lifeguarding background serving him well.  Lee is the assistant harbour master at Littlehampton.  A bit of a water baby, he likes kayaking and surfing, and says ‘the bigger and faster the water the better’.

  • Favourite food; Curry.
  • Favourite drink: Strongbow and Pepsi.  What, together?
  • Favourite biscuit: A bit of a custard cream aficionado.
  • Hates football but loves music – Lostprophets, Oasis, Kings of Leon…
  • What he likes about being on the crew: The buzz and the good bunch of people.
  • Best lifeboat experience was the service to Bumble this year, for which the station received a letter of thanks from the RNLI operations director.