Blue Peter 1

Blue Peter I is an Atlantic 75 lifeboat, the successor to the RNLI’s original Atlantic 21 class. A little larger – 38cm longer and 20cm broader than the Atlantic 21, the name is derived from her length of nearly 7.5m.

Her twin 70hp outboard motors give her a maximum speed of more than 30 knots, making her almost the fastest lifeboat in the RNLI fleet, just behind the recently introduced Atlantic 85. Quick response is a huge benefit, the Atlantic 75 is comprehensively equipped to deal with a range of casualty situations under varying conditions, and has a self-righting system to recover from capsize.

Atlantic 75 Specification:
Length: 7.5m (24ft 7in)
Overall beam: 8ft 8in (2.64m)
Length of hull: 20ft 3in (6.17m)
Weight with crew: Approx 3,200 lbs
Engines: Twin 70hp
Speed: 32 knots
Range: Three hours at max speed
Crew: 3
Construction: Fibre reinforced composite (FRC) hull with inflatable sponsons