At 18:07 on Sunday, Solent Coastguard requested that Blue Peter 1 launch to go to the aid of a kitesurfer that had been reported to be having difficulty. Selsey’s D-Class inshore lifeboat had been tracking its swift progress in a westerly force 6 from Pagham but the sea conditions made it difficult to maintain sufficient speed to catch up. Littlehampton’s Atlantic 75 is faster (32 knots compared to 25), but it’s hull shape also makes it easier to maintain speed in choppy conditions. The position reported at the time of the launch request was about off Feltham, but the kitesurfer had reached Climping by the time the lifeboat rendezvoused, about a mile offshore.

It quickly transpired that the supposed casualty wasn’t in distress at all, and was entirely competently travelling from Pagham to Worthing and having fun!  He continued on his way, and the lifeboat returned to station.