Littlehampton lifeboat Blue Peter 1  was launched on service today at 14:50 after a 999 call reporting a young girl trapped in rocks at Elmer. With Ivan Greer at the helm and crewmen Rob Devo and Andy Hicks on board they arrived on scene swiftly.

The 12 year old casualty had been beachcombing with family around the sea defences inside the Elmer rock islands when she slipped and became trapped in a hole. Her father was able to free her but with a badly gashed leg they needed to wait for medical assistance.

With RNLI crew, paramedics and coastguards on scene it was decided the terrain was too treacherous to stretcher the casualty over the rocks, therefore the best course of action was to airlift the injured young girl from the rocks with the coastguard helicopter ‘Rescue 104’ straight on to the beach and the waiting ambulance.

Crewman Rob Devo said ‘Our main concern was getting Georgina to the ambulance safely, with wet slippery rocks, seaweed and unsure footing to contend with it was too big a risk to simply stretcher her out.

Our photos show RNLI crewman Rob Devo with the casualty, her father, the paramedic and the coastguard winch man.