Solent Coastguard requested that the lifeboat should be launched at around 9pm last night (15 August) to assist a person reported as stuck in the mud in the River Arun, at Arundel.  Blue Peter 1 launched a few minutes later with Andy Harris at the helm, and crew Rob Devo and Olly Lamb-Cona.

When they arrived on scene, the fire service was already in attendance, and the coastguard arrived shortly afterwards.  The woman was soon located in the water, and Rob and Olly entered the water to ease her from the very sticky mud, which had prevented her from freeing herself.  The casualty was landed and handed over to paramedics for care, with hypothermia the main concern.

It emerged that two friends had been aboard a dinghy which capsized.  Neither was wearing warm clothing or lifejackets, and both were prevented from reaching safety because they became stuck in the mud.  Eventually one was able to free herself and clambered up the bank into Arundel where she dialled 999 for assistance.