Our new Atlantic lifeboat Renee Sherman has been busy since she arrived at the station.

On Monday 30th May a member of the public called the coastguard. They had seen a capsized dinghy with a person in the water, about a mile south of Rustington. The Atlantic 85 Renee Sherman and a team of volunteer crews launched at 9:49am.

The lifeboat headed out to sea in fine but windy conditions towards the reported location, but there was no sign of the casualty. The coastguard helicopter R-163 also joined in the search but nothing was seen so the coastguard stood down.

The lifeboat crew made contact with the man in a dinghy. He was having difficulty returning to shore, drifting in the strong wind and it was now apparent that he had lost his mast and sail power. The man was taken aboard the lifeboat and the crew requested the launch of the station’s D-Class lifeboat Ray of Hope to recover the dinghy as the tide was nearing low water.

A tow was rigged up and the dinghy was towed in by the D-Class, whilst Renee Sherman bought the man to safety. The man and dinghy were landed at their mooring, where the coastguard team were waiting for a chat.

NR Ref 44 RP 31 05 16 (3)

Both lifeboats were back at the station at 10:40am and were made ready for service.