Little Olly was just a lad when he joined the crew 6 years ago.  Working in theatreland as a scenic carpenter. Olly is often in London not just for his main work; he also crews at Chiswick, one of the three full-time lifeboat stations on the Thames.  There is a bit of a family link too, his late great uncle George Barnes was on the crew and influenced Olly’s decision to volunteer.  Brother Liam is crew, dad Tim is one of the shore crew.

  • A native of the area.
  • Plays hockey.
  • Eats… just about anything, but pasta and breakfast at the Dinky Doo on a Sunday morning  is his favourite. Claims his favourite drink is ‘larger’.
  • Highlights during his time as lifeboat crew:  Ivan’s stag night.
  • Worst experience: being thrown into the harbour in his boxers, the crew’s way of wishing him good luck the day before he went to university.
  • Favourite football team: Pompey