Below is list of the past crew that we have had over the years at Littlehampton Lifeboat Station. Each and everyone of them played a huge part in making the station what it is today and we thank them for their time and dedication as volunteer Lifeboat Crew.

George Barnes
Graeme Beddows
Mike Bentley
Mick Booker
Chris Booth
Scott Bowman
Mark Clothier
Terry Cobden
Roy Cole
M C Coombes
Jenny Cradock
Richard Dixon
Mia Doricott
Steve Edwards
Gareth Flower
Rob Forster
Angela Gates
Lee Hamilton-Street
Paul Harrington
Fred Hill
D Hobden
Peter Holliday
Andy Hooper
Peter Hooper
Keith Hopper
Paul James
C Johnson
Peter Knight
Lisa Lawson
Ray Lee
Dane Leekam
Clive Linsdell
Dave Martin
Terry Matthews
Mike McCartain
George Moore
Colin Munro
Jerry Norris
Jim Osborne
Andy Peace
Brian Pelham
John Pelham
Mick Perry
Jack Pidcock
W H Porter
Jim Raven
AD Richardson
PJR Robinson
Rob Rollins
C Seberry
K Seberry
Chris Shanks
Andy Sleeman
Jon Street
Simon Tann
Steve Tester
Les Towse
RW Tuffnel
D Vinehill
Geoff Warminger
Kevin Warminger
Scott Weston
Brian White
Nick White
Tom White
Faye White-Sharman
Terry Wicks
Mike Woollven
Dave Woollven